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Izzy and Nanny's Story

Izzy and Nanny's Story

How it all started


Izabelle’s story- During a visit to 'Nanny Seaside' in May 2013 I was sitting in the kitchen helping her make homemade soup and we began to make up stories about the vegetables. I had fun playing hide and seek with the vegetables that nanny was using and started giving them names such as Clever Carrot and Oh-no Onion, I really had fun doing this and when we finished the soup I drew a picture called Souptastic. Daddy helped me to draw pictures of the other vegetables we used and we have been making up stories about our veggie family ever since.

Nanny’s story- Not being able to find fresh, tasty soups without containing preservatives that would appeal to children I began making soup from homemade stock.  It was during one of her visits that Izabelle and I started cooking together and she started playing with the vegetables and using her senses, enjoyed touching, preparing, smelling and tasting the ingredients.

As Izabelle had enjoyed that first session I began to think about how I could combine our stories and the characters we created and turn them into recipes to engage children with home cooking. Ideas for soup recipes came thick and fast as we began experimenting with different vegetables and flavour combinations that would appeal to children and Simply Souper was born. Since then Simply Souper has turned into Simply Stock to show how a good soup starts with homemade stock and we remain committed to developing the childrens products.

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Children’s recipe page

The Children’s recipe pages have been selected for ease and convenience, sticking with the sweet flavors we know children enjoy while providing them with all the nutrients needs to support health and well-being.  

We are currently developing an exciting children's page to introduce the super kid veggies; Awesome Asparagus, Clever Carrot, Chirpy Celery; Helpful Herbs, Poud Parsnip, Super Swede, Silly Spices, Terrific Turnip and Oh-no Onion.

The veggie family will be having adventures with the ingredients of the dishes in the children's section. The focus of the these pages is creative, educational fun, to be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities.

Here are some of the inspirational sketches behind the creation of Souper Kids:


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'Only the pure in heart can make a good soup' 

- Ludwig Van Beethoven

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