Carrots, Turnips and Swede


Vitamin A (forms retinol-lack of which attributed to night blindness), B3, C, E and carotene, eaten raw carrots also produce potassium, calcium, iron and zinc, nutrients that are reduced when boiled and over cooked, which is why we work with the science of food and flavours, adding each ingredient as the correct time of the cooking process to maximise the richness of our products.

The nutrient value in carrots is held close to and in the skin, with organic carrots having a depth of flavour, lacking in mass produced fields;  We buy only young carrots which give both flavour and high nutrient value and because of this only need a gentle scrub to remove any dirt before being added to our pots.


Turnips & Swedes

Source of calcium and potassium. Anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients andfibre. Turnips absorb a spectrum of minerals from the soil in which they are grown although this is dependent on the quality of the soil. Turnips contain sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, iron, copper, magnesium and zinc, although they only provide a small percentage of the RDA of these minerals.

The two most common types of Swede are Marian and Merrick it is this that add the nutty flavour to our stocks.

Both Swedes and Turnips need to be introduced to the pot at the right time, too early risks them disintegrating too late raw and losing the nutritional goodness.


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Our stocks do not have any added sugar, salt or preservatives. Guaranteed. No gimmicks, just great taste.


Daniel Love

Not only do I absolutley love theses products (especially the Mediterranean stock #simplymediterranean) but Simply Stock's ethos and v...

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Martin Mills

The range of stock that simply stock have created are so versitile and flavoursome that I am a regular customer! I use the stock in tagine, soup and stews to give a healthy and homecooked feel to my cooking. Simply fanta...

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