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Trials and Tribulations

16 December 2015

Starting a business from scratch has been one of the most exciting things we've ever done. By setting our imaginations free, we have been able to experiment and create this fantastic range and the best bit is that we get to share this journey with our customers.

This week, while finishing off the website design and learning all about the processes the business needs to go through before we start officially trading, we have stopped to reflect on the amount of progress we've made over the last two years since the initial 'lightbulb' moment. And what a crazy two years it has been! We have gone from strength to strength and found some amazing creative brains to share our vision with us, so this is a quick post really to show our appreciation of all the people behind the scenes who have brought this together with us, to kick start our fantastic journey. We hope you enjoy touring the new improved site, there are loads of exciting things in the pipeline that we will share with you when these have been finalised but i'll just finish by saying that 2016 is certainly going to be the year for us! 

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