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Its been a continuing four year period of discovery and learning since we first concieved the idea of creating Simply-Stock, born out of a need to make fresh, flavouredred vegetarian stocks as the core base for our favorite dishes.  

Taking time to study the nutritional value and benefits of vegetables and exploring pairing flavours of every ingredient used in the stock and with the renovated greenhouse and resurrected vegetable garden used our homegrown produce to experiment with our stock.  It was Sue’s love of flavours and travelling that developed the range of stock from vegetable stock to Mediterranean, Spicy and Rustic, each product bring a natural zest to dishes common across England, Italy, France, Spain and Morocco.

Back in 2013, our home, the Old Shop as it was affectionally referred to was brought up to current food, health and safety standards and passed an environmental health inspection leaving us free to develop our ambition of using home-grown vegetables and herbs to make delicious stocks.

At the time we had outgrown the facilities in the old shop and relocated to new premises in the New Forest, retaining 'The Old Shop' as our head office and testing hub.

Fast forward to 2017 we have made the leap returning permanently to the old shop and devoting all our time to Simply-Stock and promoting our range of products in local retailers, as well as updating our website we are embracing social media to connect with potential customers and suppliers in the local area.

To celebrate our return to our local community in East Sussex we have revamped our product design adding new and exciting pages to the website on our Nutritional Information Page  that gives detail on our nutritional information.

All our products now have bar codes proud to shout about the fact that our range of products are made from fresh, flavoursome ingredients, containing only naturally occuring salt and sugar with no added preservatives or additives!





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Daniel Love

Not only do I absolutley love theses products (especially the Mediterranean stock #simplymediterranean) but Simply Stock's ethos and v...

Daniel Love Bristol
Martin Mills

The range of stock that simply stock have created are so versitile and flavoursome that I am a regular customer! I use the stock in tagine, soup and stews to give a healthy and homecooked feel to my cooking. Simply fanta...

Martin Mills Southampton

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