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'Soup is a lot like family - Each ingredient enhances the others - Each batch has its own characteristics and it needs time to simmer before it reaches full flavour.' - Marge Kennedy

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'You can do almost anything with soup stock, it's like a strong foundation, when you have the right foundation everything tastes good.' - Martin Yan

Simply No Gimmicks

'I live on good soup, not on fine words' - Moliere #simplynogimmicks

New Year, New Food!

New Year, New Food!

It's been a while since we have blogged on here, But life has been pretty hectic getting to grips with new recipes and developments in the kitchen! We have been trying to develop new ideas for our cus...Read More

About Simply Stock

The Simply Stock website is designed to provide information on the ingredients we use and the products in our range. Through the site you will learn about the development of the stocks from raw, fresh vegetables and our special blend of herbs and spices to the final product. 

You will find pages describing how we source our vegetables and a recipe page which we will update weekly to inspire your cooking, through the use of seasonal produce. Read More.

The Flavoursome Four

It is the combination of vegetables, herbs and blends of spices that makes each product in the Simply-Stock range versatile enough to add an extra dimension to any dish.

All products are cooked using an exact science of food, pairing natural flavours and adding ingredients in the right order to maximise the nutritional value, taste and goodness of all our ingredients. We believe in fresh produce, that's why you will find no added salt, sugars or preservatives in any of our pots. Ever. The only salt and sugar content in our range is derived from natural sources. #simplynogimmicks

Our products have been created from fresh ingedients to be used as per the use by date but are also ideal for freezing and using at your convenience.


Using only fresh natural ingredients and Simply-Stocks blend of herbs and spices we have created an inspiring vegetable stock with flavours reminiscent of eating under Mediterranean skies and balmy summer evenings with our recipe pages full of dishes to create the experience. Serving suggestions: Spanish and vegetable paella, risotto and superfood dishes.

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Bursting with mushrooms and asparagus, using only fresh, natural ingredients and Simply-Stocks blend of herbs and spices we have created a woody vegetable stock to bring alive flavours of provencal European dishes and (naturally) gluten free Buck Wheat and Bulgar Wheat recipes. Serving Suggestions: Risottos, paella, soups & stews.

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Using only fresh natural ingredients and Simply-Stocks blend of herbs and spices we have created a lively vegetable stock with flavours evoking memories of dining in Moroccan restaurants and travelling the Moorish Andalusian region of Spain. Serving Suggestions: Tagines and yakhani (traditional middle eastern family dishes). Try using as an alternative to water as a base cook rice, couscous and steamed vegetables

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The Orignal

Erupting with flavours of warming root vegetables, herbs and spices Simply-Stock Original is made from fresh natural ingredients following traditional recipes, suited to a range of time honoured and contemporary British dishes. Serving Suggestions: Dumpling hotpots, soups, stews and casseroles.

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How it started

Sue WrightSimply Stock creator, Sue Wright, built the company from no more than a day spent in the kitchen with her granddaughter back in 2013. See how the dream developed 

Simply Stock is the brain child of Sue Wright who wanted to create a range of stocks to enhance home cooking. 


Simply Recipes

Our stocks can be used as a base in a wide variety of dishes from soup to paella. Each week we will update the recipe pages with a new way for you to use your stock, and this will include inspiration from current seasonal recipes and veg. View our Recipes

Simply Sourced

We work with local and established suppliers so that we know exactly where our vegetables come from and to ensure we are giving back to the local economy and community.